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    Created by: Chase Casanova on 24-02-2010 09:57:37 PM
    I am a little confused where the appInfo comes from.
    Can someone clarify?  Is this something that I define on the CUCM?  Is this an Application User and its password?

    Subject: RE: EM API - appInfo
    Replied by: David Staudt on 25-02-2010 01:05:52 AM
    Right, the appID/appCertificate are the username/password of a UCM user (enduser or application user) in the 'Standard EM Authentication Proxy Rights' group.  The 'app' credentials are for the application which is logging in/out on behalf of the 'userID' user.

    Subject: RE: EM API - appInfo
    Replied by: Chase Casanova on 25-02-2010 04:13:52 PM
    This might be easier than I thought it would be
    Thanks David.