axpAPI:getUser  invalid time

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    Created by: Deborah Dumont on 18-02-2010 11:32:24 AM
    I am working with AXLAPI: GetUser with UCM 6.0, when I call the service I get the following error: Invalid Time.
    I am using the wsdl: AXL_Java_Axis-Resources \ AXL_Java_Axis-Resources \ schema unfix \ 6.0 \ WSDL-AXIS.
    Anybody can help me?

    Subject: RE: axpAPI:getUser  invalid time
    Replied by: Anitha V on 19-02-2010 09:43:28 AM
    Hi Deborah,
    Not sure about this "Invalid Time" error.
    To investigate this issue further, could you please send the corresponding request and the responce along with debug level AXL logs?
    Thanks and Regards,