RE: IP Phone 9951 - 9900 series display PNG blurry bug?

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    Created by: Bob Cheesemonger on 04-03-2010 10:14:43 AM
    Again I seem to solve all my problems by myself
    1) error in the header
    The 9951 IP Phone sends 800 x 600 px in the HTTP Header
    It is a bug as it should send the screen space available to the service : 498 x 289 pixels according to the specifications*
    2) error in the specifications
    Having fixed the dimensions of my images to what is specified I got randomly a blurry then a clear display of my PNG picture
    So I changed the resolution to 496 x 288 px and it WORKS the picture is clear all the time
    I've tried with a resolution of 100 x 100 px same result it WORKS
    Conclusion it may well be that the screen dimensions specified are wrong !
    Please leave a comment ;)
    *Cisco Unified IP Phone Services Application Development Notes 7.1 OL-20949-01