CiscoIpPhoneStatus* and the new phones

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    Created by: Stephan Steiner on 17-02-2010 03:20:55 PM
    I found the 8.01 developer documentation today... Yippie I thought until I browsed through the new and changed information.
    Bottom line.. the 9971, 9951 and 8961 do not support CiscoIpPhoneStatus and CiscoIpPhoneStatusFile. We're using those for our own agent client which shows agent state and queue information even if the user has no app open, as well as for our own device monitoring app & smart callback app. Now that our sales guys have started selling the new phones, it's only a matter of time until we need to run our apps on one of the new phones.
    So, what's the alternative to CiscoIpPhoneStatus*?
    Various boss-secretary or team monitoring solutions out there will be similarly affected - so where do we all go from here? Can we finally get the Midlets thing started to have an alternative?