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    Created by: Keith Joel on 10-02-2010 09:28:27 PM
    Hello All,
    I attempted to search for an answer to this "problem" but to no avail.  What I'm looking to do is segment the Local Speed Dial directory on a call manager express 7.x into categories from which the user can select their speed dials.  By default it appears as if the menu item under directories called Local Speed Dial is referencing speeddial.xml which is stored on the CME flash.  The customer that I'm dealing with has at least 130 speed dials and therefore the maximum of 32 entries does not suffice.  I like the directory style but I would like to segment it with categories using a CiscoIPPhoneMenu object.  What I have done is modified the speeddial.xml to be a CiscoIPPhoneMenu object which then is to link to several other directories on the CME flash.  This part works no problem, it displays my modified menu items just fine.  Trouble is when I try and select any of them I get nothing and I suspect it's to do with my URL.  I've stored the directories on the CME flash but I don't think I'm using proper syntax. 
      <Title>Speed Dial Directories</Title>
      <Prompt>Select a category</Prompt>
        <Name>Cell Phones</Name>
    Clearly the phone has the ability of accessing the flash as it has no problem loading speeddial.xml from it.  Can anybody provide insight into this for me?  I know there's alternatives so if there's a better way of doing this let me know.  Thanks!

    Subject: RE: Call Manager Express  - Local Speed Dial Directory
    Replied by: David Staudt on 10-02-2010 10:01:20 PM
    When the phone accesses the root menu, it is accessing speeddials.xml via a small HTTP server on the router - it is not getting at the flash directly.  If you look at the phone network traffic (say via Wireshark) when this happens, you'll see it is requesting an HTP URL, just as a web browser might, perhaps like: http://router-ip:port/speeddials.xml
    In the same way, the URLs embedded in your CiscoIPPhoneMenu object need to be HTTP URLs available on some web server.  I'm not sure you can (or would want to) keep these files on the router's web server in the same place as speeddials.xml - perhaps you could host them on another web server that the phone can also reach.

    Subject: RE: Call Manager Express  - Local Speed Dial Directory
    Replied by: BRETT LOONEY on 11-02-2010 08:41:35 AM
    The way I've done this in the past is to redirect the directories to a local/remote web server by using the "url directories"command under "telephony-services". Then, do what you need to do on the web server - much more flexible but has the disadvantage of requiring a second box.
    I've used this in a couple of environments where customers have mixed CCME/CM installations to provide a common directory to both platforms.