IPCC Express script issue need some help

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    Created by: amit sharma on 19-01-2010 04:35:19 AM
    I am having cucm version 7.1.2 and ipcc express version 7.0.
    i ahve created a script with the editor adn it is working fine and debug is also not giving any error.
    When i add the time period of call in the script call is going to rest of time.
    Please chekc and tell me what is the wrong point in this script so thatc all is not working properly.

    Subject: IP Phone service auto refresh on error 404
    Replied by: Jonathan Withers on 19-01-2010 03:30:55 PM

    I have and idle time display IP service that occasionally gets an error 404 because of network related issues.  Is it possible to automatically refresh the IP Display after 30 seconds so that the error screen doesn¿t have to be manually refreshed?


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    Subject: RE: IP Phone service auto refresh on error 404
    Replied by: David Staudt on 19-01-2010 03:39:14 PM
    The phone will stay on the 404 display until the user intervenes (i.e. triggers another Idle event, e.g. exiting from the XML services pane.)  This is similar to the way a web browser works.  If you must guarantee that the display gets updated, you'll need to consider pushing CiscoIPPhoneExecute's down to the phone.