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Created by: sameer danthurthy on 05-01-2010 05:19:08 PM
Hello, while reviewing the Uccx historical reporting, I found out that we weren't able to run reports with afilter criteria of a given resource name,. On further investigation, I found out that db_cra.dbo.getListOgAgents has the sql commented out 

INSERT #selected_agents(agentID, profileid)
SELECT DISTINCT r.resourceID, r.profileid
FROM db_cra.dbo.ResourceGroup rg, db_cra.dbo.Resource r, #selected_names sn
WHERE       rg.resourceGroupID = r.resourceGroupID AND

rg.resourceGroupName = and
rg.profileid = r.profileid and
       ( = 1 or
r.dateinactive >= @starttime)

Now I am not sure why this would be commented out, could anyone please verify how this should be in a default installation of Cisco Unified CCX Historical Reports Version 7.0 (1.44)?