Can't add a Phone service using Call Manager simulator

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    Created by: sourav dutta on 05-01-2010 08:41:58 AM
    I have written a simple Hello world jsp which creates an xml in the requisite format and deployed it in tomcat.
    I have downloaded Cisco Call Manager Simulator (1.0) available with SDK 4.1(1) , and IPCommunicator .
    The call manager simulator and IPCommunicator are able to communicate with each other, but I am not able to add my hello world phone service. The documentation says that this can be done through the Call Manager Web Administration page, but my simulator has nothing like that.
    Any suggestions will be really helpful.

    Subject: RE: Can't add a Phone service using Call Manager simulator
    Replied by: David Staudt on 05-01-2010 04:39:23 PM
    In the Simulator, when you click the Device Defaults button, you can specify the URLs for the various phone services.  For example, when you press the Services button on the phone, it will request the URL configured in the 'Services URL' box.  You can just set this URL as the URL to the service you want to test on your web server...a real  UCM would build a CiscoIPPhoneMenu XML object with selections for each of the services provisioned in the UCM admin.
    Note the CallManager simulator tool is very old, pretty much obsolete and will not work with most new phones/firmware-loads.  The current recommended 'desktop development' scenario is to install a real UCM instance inside a VMWare virtual machine on the local PC.