Adding endpoint to a VG224 MGCP Voice Gateway

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    Created by: Ismail BERRADA on 04-01-2010 03:28:26 PM
    Hi everybody
    I'm trying to use AXL to add an mgcp endpoint to a predefined VG224 voice gateway.
    I'm using a SQL request INSERT to add data in tables device,analogaccess and analogaccessport.
    My problem is, that there are some columns in the table analogaccessport for which database does not accept null values :
    for example Timer1,Timer2 ...Timer6.
    I add a mgcp endpoint via the CUCM Administrative tool and make a SQL select request on the table analogaccessport and i have the following result
    device name      trunk name   timer1 timer2 timer3 timer4 timer5 timer6
    AALN/S2/14@VG224 POTS         200    0      100    1000   0      0     
    AALN/S2/15@VG224 Ground Start 300    1500   100    500    0      2000  
    AALN/S2/16@VG224 Loop Start   500    2000   0      4500   400    0
    It seems that CUCM add default values for these columns depending the type of trunk, but I don't know where these values are coming from .
    Does anyone ever faced this problem ?

    Subject: RE: Adding endpoint to a VG224 MGCP Voice Gateway
    Replied by: David Staudt on 04-01-2010 06:27:58 PM
    It looks like those fields are pretty fixed, they don't appear to be modifiable by the admin (and are not documented.)  The values as they appear are probably hard coded, and you can just reproduce them as per your table above.  Note, as of CM7 there is a 'thick' AXL request for adding VG224 gateways (addVG224), which will let you bypass all the SQL inserts.  (The thick request does not require providing the Timer1-6 values,populating them automatically.)