Insert  bulk amount of usercontacts to ip phone?

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    Created by: carol m on 11-01-2010 05:07:53 PM
    i am using CMCM6 and IP communicator.
    I was trying to add users through CUCM UserManager-End User by giving Firstname,LastName,Userid,PhoneNumber,Department and Controled device,Im getting the users in my IP communicator Corporate directory!
    Is it possible to add bulk users to IP communicator?I tried with BulkAdministartion-Users-Insert  Users -gave CSV file ,but it uploaded successfully,But I couldnt find any new users in my Corporate directory?
    I just follwed the CSV sample file format -John,Pat,Smith,johns,abcde,Daviss,12,12345,johnProfile,English United
    States,9728135047,9725557154 in EST,johns-pc,9728126675 in WST,johns,CCM
    Can anyone help?
    thanks in advance

    Subject: RE: Insert  bulk amount of usercontacts to ip phone?
    Replied by: Anitha V on 05-02-2010 09:30:35 AM
    Hi Carol,
    Yes, it is possible to add bulk users to IP Communicator.
    After uploading the CSV file. Again you need to do the following.
    Go to Bulk Administrator--> users--> InsertUsers--> Select the CSV file in the File Name using the dropdown--> Select UserTemplateName--> click on 'Run Immediately' and submit the Job.
    Then you will be able to view  the new users.
    Thanks and regards,