IPCC call counted as abandoned even there are agents in ready status

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    Created by: OOCL ISD on 04-01-2010 02:42:45 PM
    During our recent development, we made changes to our existing script to remove the select and skill group nodes.
    After doing these changes, we found from our report that a call will have chance to be treated as abandon even there are agents available.
    Our report is referring to the field TotalCallsAbandToHalf in database views CALL_TYPE_HALF_HOUR and TotalCallsAdandToday field in CALL_TYPE_REAL_TIME. The call type we are looking at is CHI_EXPORT, which is the last call type before distributing the call to agents.

    Please refer to attachment icm_script_before.gif for our script before the change and icm_script_after.gif after our change. Differences are highlighted in red in both screen capture.

    Do you know the reason for this?

    Remarks: we are using IPCC Enterprise version 7.0