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    Created by: Marwa Ads on 02-01-2010 09:18:57 PM
    Dear All,
    I have developed an IP Phone service and i was able to test it on only 4 IP Phones
    I want to test my service on 500 IP Phones before deploying at the customer's site.
    Is there a stress test tool that can simulate the IP Phones so that i can test my service under stress?

    Subject: RE: IP Phone Services Testing tool
    Replied by: kirk moren on 05-02-2010 06:41:51 PM
    You have a few options I suppose to simulate a load.
    1) You can create an application (web, console, or whatever your comfortable with) that uses the CiscoIPPhoneExecute object and push this object to the target phones to simulate the load.   You may have to use the AXL SOAP API to get the list of phones and then you can push the CiscoIPPhoneExecute object with the URL you want to test.    The challenge with this approach is that it may not provide the concurrency you want to simulate a load.   If might, but if it doesn't, you may need to spawn a few threads to send out the CiscoIPPhoneExecute objects.
    2) Since you really want to test the services at the web server, you can use a commercial tool that does web application stress testing to generate the load.   It will likely drive browser sessions which will return XML to the browsers but it should suffice if your interest isn't function testing but rather load testing.  Microsoft makes a free web stress tool, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/231282.   With these you basically start the stress testing tool on a good size machine, record a user session which for you will involve specifying the service URL and getting an XML response.  Next, you tell the tool how much concurrency you want, how many users you want to simulate, any wait times between requests, etc. and then let it run and it will generate the load and collect the statistics.
    Good luck!