Date Time with VXML

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    Created by: Patrick Hartl on 29-12-2009 11:07:38 AM
    I want to use different prompts and transfer audio files depending on the actual time.
    (different audio on night and on day)
    I found a sample config with:

    <object name="dtfield" classid="datetime">
    but the vxml gives me an error. I can´t find a docuimentation or a tutorial for cisco routers.
    Has anyone experience with this toipc ?

    Subject: RE: Date Time with VXML
    Replied by: Patrick Hartl on 30-12-2009 08:53:13 AM
    This could be a solution. JavaScript could be useful :
    <pre><?xml version="1.0"?>
    <vxml version="2.1"

      <var name="utc_month" />
      <var name="utc_day" />
      <var name="utc_year" />

        // explicitly declare d using var
         var d = new Date();
        // store the month
         utc_month = d.getUTCMonth();
        // store the day of the month
         utc_day = d.getUTCDate();
        // store the year including the century
         utc_year = d.getUTCFullYear();

    Can I use C# or ASP.NET to generate a vxml File for the Cisco Router ?