About new series of IPPHONE

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    Created by: Ronnaret Rueangchinda on 21-12-2009 08:35:53 AM
    I see some documents from my Sales dept, there are 2 series lunch for IPPHONE, 89xxx and 99XXX (sorry I not exactly remember). The question are
    1) Is it still can use the XML Service as 79xxx?
    2) It support for java (something about streaming), so is it support for clienet processing script? (for example, can it calculate simple expression or do it support for javasript?
    3) When the IPService documtenr lunch?
    Thank a lot.

    Subject: RE: About new series of IPPHONE
    Replied by: David Staudt on 21-12-2009 03:39:42 PM
    The 8900/9900 phones do support IP Phone Services.
    See the 7.1(3) version of the IPPS Development Notes for details on the particulars.
    These phones do have J2ME/Midlet capabilitiy, which we hope to open up to outside developers 'very soon'!