Please help--how to configur the tool?

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    Created by: carol m on 17-12-2009 01:55:34 PM
    I have downloaded IPSS sdk v7.1 and developement notes  from the site.
    In SDK folder i found ASP,Tools,java,JSP,CRS,WASh,Documentation,COM Servers ..etc..
    But I dont know how will I get the IDE for working around?
    where I want to write the hello world program??even the worst part is,I dont know .. I have to find out how to write the program ?? 
    Where will I display the output..Do we have simulator in this SDK package?
    Or how you people are doing??Can anyone help me ??Im quite new to this technology??Getting desparated!!!dont know where to start and continue???
    Please help 

    Subject: RE: Please help--how to configur the tool?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 17-12-2009 04:27:30 PM
    The IPPS SDK does not include an IDE, compiler or similar tools - the main contents are sample apps and code that you can use/modify in your IDE of choice.  Since IPPS is based on a very basic XML/HTTP web paradigm, virtually any modern web scripting language or dev environment is suitable.  JSP and ASP based samples are provided as a convenience, you can develop to IPPS with virtually any language or on any web server platform.
    You will need a physical Cisco phone (or IP Communicator softphone) to work with IPPS - there is no simulator available.
    For a very good introduction to the concepts, basics and enhanced use of IPPS, you may want to get this book:  It was published in 2002, and so does not cover a lot of recent additions to the IPPS API, but the basic concept and techniques described are still valid.