Idle URL and web server unavailability?

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    Created by: Ashish Patel on 17-12-2009 12:07:58 PM
    We have recently implemented a new application which runs on our meeting room phones which shows who has booked a meeting for that particular day. The application is proving to be quite popular but we have an issue in that if the web site that is serving the page become unavailable then the phone displays the services page with the service unavailable message.

    The phone will then stay stuck on that error until the phone is either reset or someone hits the exit button on the phone.
    The page being served is pretty simple and is generated by an asp page. The idle seconds have been set to 3 mins but as I said the refresh doesn¿t appear to have after an error. If it possible to override this so that when the web site comes back up the page refreshes and the error disappears without user intervention?
    I attach sample xml output
    <Title>Today's meeting room bookings</Title> <Prompt>Room blah</Prompt> <Text>sdsdsd</Text> </CiscoIPPhoneText>

    Is this a timer issue?



    Subject: RE: Idle URL and web server unavailability?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 17-12-2009 03:28:07 PM
    The Idle URL timer does not automatically refresh the page ever X timer seconds, it's just the delay from the time the phone goes idle (e.g. ending a call) until the URL is fetched.  If the phone's XML browser is unable to fetch the URL, the error is displayed - there is no timer available to retry the URL fetch.  
    In order to get back on track, the retrieve error must be cleared.  This is done manually by the user (via Exit softkey, or using the phone for a call, accessing another service, etc.) or could possibly be done programmatically via the CiscoIPPhoneExecute push request.  Regarding the latter, if the # of phones using the service is smallish, perhaps one of the startup tasks of your app could be to push the schedule down (via CiscoIPPhoneExecute) to a configured list of phones.