IP phone to db table?

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    Created by: carol m on 15-12-2009 07:09:37 PM
    I need to develop an application for dispalying customer telephone numbers from the Axepta db table to IP telephone.
    So here,i need to make a form in the IP phone to make the calls from the db table.
    Can anyone give me some good direction to attain this...
    I am quite new to this technology..But I am really interested to learn and do it..Can anyone help me out..??

    I have  a general qs..Can we make calls from MS outlook to phone by inbuilt or?
    I think i can download phone simulator and have a trial like hello world program...
    From where I can download that??I am totally a beginner...Pl help

    Subject: RE: IP phone to db table?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 15-12-2009 09:00:10 PM
    Please explore in detail the IPPS SDK available here: http://developer.cisco.com/web/ipps/docs.  This will go a long way in demonstrating how a very basic XML services application can use the Phone APIs to accomplish apps.  There are a couple of directory samples included.  Note, if the data for the application is coming from a SQL database, it will be up to you to work out how to access that data via your web app server platform.  If you can create a simple web app that displays the data you want in HTML, it is pretty simple to convert it to phone display XML format.
    Outlook click to call can be accomplished 'out of the box' using the Cisco TAPI TSP provider.  You can also use Outlook/VB scripting with the IP Phone Services XML APIs (see CiscoIPPhoneExecute and Dial: URI), the WebDialer API, or TAPI/JTAPI to do click-to-dial type functionality.

    Subject: RE: IP phone to db table?
    Replied by: carol m on 17-12-2009 01:47:30 PM
    Hi David
    thanks for your reply.
    i have downloaded IPSS sdk v7.1,and developer notes . But in that I couldnt find IDE,like where I can perform coding? and where will I get display?
    From the documents,they are telling that CallManager simulatro is included in this..But how can I find that?
    Please reply me.I am quite new to this technology,started learning from the first step...
    I like to work around in this,and like to cretae a hello world application atleast...
    Please help

    Subject: RE: IP phone to db table?
    Replied by: Piotr Sapiejewski on 28-12-2009 10:32:30 AM
    Hi Carol,
    what type is db that you want to get? You can try get this records i.E. through php/sql. Then you should just convert those informations into form acceptable for IP Phone and send it through xml form.

    Subject: RE: IP phone to db table?
    Replied by: carol m on 28-12-2009 11:08:14 AM
    Hi Piotr ,
    thanks a lot for your reply.
    I just want to display the the customer phone numbers from the Axapta databse tables to IP Phone!
    Im doing without a IP phone with me now,So I believe i need to install IP Communicator.Then importantly CUCM 7.0 and  VMware.
    Please reply.