What is Internal URI features and RTP streaming API used for ?

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    Created by: Yan Tian on 11-12-2009 08:19:15 AM
    Hello ,
    I have some my queries after reviewing Cisco Unified IP Phone Services Application Development Notes, Release 7.1(3)
    as this doc is not clear to me.
    For CiscoIPPhone XML Objects,
         I know that we can create these Objects and upload them to ASP or JSP server, and create a service URL on CUCM to
         point to those Objects, then subscriber the service for the Phone to let them displayed on IP phone screen.
    But for Application Management API and RTP streaming API,
          what can we do with them, can anyone give some examples showing why we need these API ?
    Also for Internal URI features,
          What can we do with them, please also provide some example for why we need them ?
    Thanks a million for your help.

    Subject: RE: What is Internal URI features and RTP streaming API used for ?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 15-12-2009 09:25:28 PM
    The IP Phone Services SDK has several working sample apps showing what can be done with the various URIs: http://developer.cisco.com/web/ipps/docs.  Some examples are: streaming audio/music to the phone; intercom type applications; simple multicast conferencing.
    The newer App management APIs are mainly useful for managing applications which need to keep some state.  When an XML application is displaying, and the user starts to interact with a phone call, the XML app goes into the background (new phones) or is closed altogether (older phones.)  Some apps need to know when this happens for their business logic (for example a music streaming app may want to stop streaming when the user starts to interact with a call,) hence development of these APIs.