URL field to subscribe services for a phone.

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    Created by: Manas Varma on 04-12-2009 12:21:16 PM
    Hi ,
       I can add both phones and profile. But when I go to the "SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE SERVICSES" link in the "related links", no service is selected. However in the dropdown box, extension mobility is there. I want Extension Mobility to be selected by default.


    XSubscribedService[] service = new XSubscribedService[3];<font size="2">
    XSubscribedService service1 = new XSubscribedService();<font size="2">
    service1.Item = "Extension Mobility";
    service1.name = "Extension Mobility";
    service1.url = "**.**.**.**"
    service.SetValue(service1, 0);
    phone.services = service;

    I am getting an error "URL not found"..
    Can you please advise what should i use so that "Extension Mobility" is selected by default. IS the problem is with the url .
     What should be the url field. My Server address is  10.**.**.*:8443
    Thanks in advance