Help --???  small XML program for CISCO IP telephony

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    Created by: carol m on 25-11-2009 06:09:50 PM

    I would like to get a help from you for some basic ideas for How to write a XML program,which can look up customers in the Axapta database and call the number.

    Can anyone do the this before? Or anyone can give me some lights on this!!I am a,but since I am totally new to this,and I am stucked !!!  

    pl help


    Subject: RE: Help --???  small XML program for CISCO IP telephony
    Replied by: Paul Wilkinson on 02-12-2009 11:11:29 PM
    Do you want the user to enter data using a form on the phone and then look up the customer details and place the call?
    If so, then have a look at the IP Phone Services (IPPS) Tech Center.
    IPPS describes the XML documents that you deliver to the phone (via HTTP) to present forms to the user and to control the phone. 
    Your application would then be similar to any other web-based application - The form would post data to an aspx page on your web server, code on the web server would perform the lookup and return the data to the phone.  The only difference is instead of returning HTML you need to return the Cisco phone-specific XML.  There are XML elements that you can return to the phone that will cause it to dial a number.
    If the application is going to run on a PC and dial an associated phone then you should look at the TAPI API.

    Subject: RE: Help --???  small XML program for CISCO IP telephony
    Replied by: carol m on 15-12-2009 05:09:44 PM
    Hi Paul
    thanks for your reply.
    Actually Im quite new to this system.But really  interested to learn and do this...
    I have few queries in my mind.
    Can I make a call a number  from the MS outlook and call directly from the phone? So the same way the phone is able to retrieve the customer numbers from the db table of axepta and make call...
    My IP telephone model is 7975.
    My doubts are 
    1)using Phone simulator can I try the same kind of applcation with SQL database in my home pc???
    2)if yes,where i can download the phone simulator??
    3)In what technologies I can do this?xmlwebservice or java or dot net or??(there is no lanuage specification here,I like to do in a easy and more understandable way)
    Can anyone guide me in this??? How much time it will take me to do this?Sorry to ask this,because im really new to this..Im really in an urgent situation for doing this???And i dont find any other forum to ask these question better than you people???
    Please guide me
    Thanks in advance

    Subject: RE: Help --???  small XML program for CISCO IP telephony
    Replied by: Umesh Chaurasia on 04-01-2010 06:19:33 AM
    Hi Carol,
    Have you heard about Cisco CUAE platform? It's very easy tool to develop XML applications for Cisco IP phones.

    Subject: RE: Help --???  small XML program for CISCO IP telephony
    Replied by: Stefan Schallmeiner on 05-01-2010 10:11:50 AM
    Hi Carol!
    To dial out from an Application with your IP-Phone you need a technique thats called CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and for instance is coverd with this product:
    If you want to write your own application that can do this, you'll need to write an outlook plugin that can control your cisco phone over JTAPI/TAPI,...
    - Stefan