Invoking Meet-Me Conference through APIs

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    Created by: Ramesh Singaraj on 26-11-2009 10:25:22 AM
    Is there a way that I can inkvoke CUCM Meet-Me service through my program?
    My requirement is, when the user dials, say 1111, I need to invoke the Meet-Me service. And based on the authentication code, which I might have provided already, join them to the Meet-Me bridge number, say 8888.
    Appriciate any help on this, Thank you.

    Subject: RE: Invoking Meet-Me Conference through APIs
    Replied by: Ramgopal Chockalingam on 21-12-2009 11:38:59 AM
    Hi Ramesh,
    Probably you can have your application hosted in CUAE, which will be triggered based on an incoming call (to your dn say 1111) and after that you could have that call conferenced into a meet-me number or so...

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