URGENT : AXL access

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    Created by: Wai Ming Yap on 23-11-2009 11:04:26 PM
    I am trying to develop a procedure to extract IP Phone extensions by site
    information from a Cisco Call Manager 7 device. Cisco's recommendation is to use
    their AXL (Administration XML) APIs for this purpose. Whilst I have the queries
    in place to work out how to do that, I am facing accessibility issues.
    1. Security - The username and password that was assigned to me throws an
    "Access is denied error" when I try to access the AXL site via the browser. Has anyone worked on this and knows what sort of access
    needs to be assigned to a user on CCM7 to enable it to access the AXLs? "Standard
    AXL access" permissions have been given yet I still get this error.
    However, when the Administrator logs in, he is able to gain access to
    the AXL. Is there a way for the Administrator to give me READ access
    only as all I need is to run the executeQuery AXL function.

    2. Are there any other ways to extract data from the box (it's an Informix
    database backend on a Linux box). CCM7 however is a piece of hardware
    proprietary to Cisco.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Wai Ming Yap

    Subject: RE: URGENT : AXL access
    Replied by: David Staudt on 24-11-2009 12:18:23 AM
    The minimum roles an AXL user needs are: Standard AXL API Access, and Standard CCM Admin Users
    Note, the latter does not confer full UCM 'admin' UI/configuration rights, just entry to the admin web domain (which hosts the AXL web service.)