LDAP Search COM server issue

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    Created by: Bernard AKO on 18-11-2009 05:14:54 PM
    I noticed that when performing a LDAP search "searchByName(lastname,firstname)", if one of the parameters contains less than 4 characters (including *) and more than one, the LDAP request can not be performed .
    failing with error: "DSA is unwilling to perform"
    Is that a bug ? Has anyone faced such issue ?
    My version of ldapsearch is V3.0
    Thanks in advance.

    Subject: RE: LDAP Search COM server issue
    Replied by: David Staudt on 18-11-2009 06:43:35 PM
    I believe this error is coming back from the LDAP server, so you will need to contact the LDAP admin to understand why.  My guess would be that the LDAP is configured not to accept very short search strings on those fields - as this could result in very large #s of returned records.