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    Created by: Farhan Khan on 17-11-2009 08:23:08 PM
    I am having trouble viewing reports on the Cisco UCCX reports client below is what I have done.
    I have created some reports using Crystal Reprts. I have pulled the data from a SQL database stored on the same machine.
    I have also installed the Cisco UCCX reprts client on the same machine. I have stored the Cisco reports using the proper naming convention and updated the hrcConfig.ini file so that my reports show up on the Report Type dropdown.
    In the XML file I am pointing to a database e.g <ReportSQLCommand>Exec db_test.dbo.sp_test_report '$StartDate', '$EndDate', $SortBy, N'$Variable'</ReportSQLCommand>.
    When I check the log fil I receive an error in this line saying that it cannot find the location.
    Can someone pleae suggest what I maybe doing incorrectly.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Subject: RE: New Message from Farhan Khan in Unified Contact Center Express CTI (UCC
    Replied by: David Lender on 17-11-2009 09:18:26 PM
    Farrhan, this forum is for the UCCX CTI protocol only.  In using the
    reporting client, open a TAC case or use the product support