T37 onRamp on CUBE ?

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    Created by: Travis May on 13-11-2009 12:31:22 AM
    On CUBE, is it possible to accept a T38 fax on inbound SIP leg and send to MMOIP T37 store-and-forward to ESMTP server with PVDM2-64, but no TDM card?

    I wish to port a hybrid TCL/vXML application from as5400hpx to CUBE (IPIPGW) on as5350xm (with PVDM2-64).  The existing application has T37 onramp functionality using same number for voice/fax (fax detection).  The onRamp fax works when the inbound leg is either TDM or SIP.

    The CUBE does have one PVDM2-64, I will add more after initial development and testing.
    The CUBE will NOT have any TDM cards, SIP only.

    My initial tests have NOT been successful.  I will do more testing and post more details if someone can confirm this is even possible.


    Cisco IOS Software, 5350 Software (C5350-JK9SU2_IVS-M), Version 12.4(24)T1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)
    System image file is "flash:c5350-jk9su2_ivs-mz.124-24.T1.bin"

    Cisco AS5350XM (BCM) processor (revision 0x22) with 786431K/262144K bytes of memory.
    SB-1 CPU at 750MHz, Implementation 1025, Rev 0.3, 256KB L2 Cache
    4 DSPs, 64 Voice resources
    512K bytes of NVRAM.

    voice-card 1
    multilink bundle-name authenticated
    voice service voip
     allow-connections sip to sip
     fax protocol t38 nse ls-redundancy 5 hs-redundancy 2 fallback pass-through g711ulaw
      rel1xx disable
      service faxTest http://luann/fax.vxml      <!-  luann does resolve properly and fax.vxml is accessible, no issue here (see below for fax.vxml) ->
    fax receive called-subscriber PrivateFaxDelivery
    fax interface-type fax-mail
    mta send server luann port 25      <!-  luann does resolve properly and SMTM is accessible, no issue here ->
    mta send with-subject $s$
    mta send filename FAX
    mta send postmaster postmaster@PrivateFaxDelivery.com
    mta send mail-from hostname PrivateFaxDelivery.com
    mta send mail-from username $s$
    mta send return-receipt-to hostname PrivateFaxDelivery.com
    mta send return-receipt-to username Fax@PrivateFaxDelivery.com
    nls resp-timeout 1
    cpd cr-id 1
    mgcp fax t38 ecm
    mgcp behavior g729-variants static-pt
    dial-peer voice 10 voip
     service faxTest
     incoming called-number T
     codec g711ulaw
     fax protocol t38 ls-redundancy 5 hs-redundancy 2 fallback pass-through g711ulaw
    dial-peer voice 30 mmoip
     description OUTBOUND FAX-2-EMAIL
     service fax_hop_on out-bound
     destination-pattern 99
     information-type fax
     session target mailto:$e$@PrivateFaxDelivery.com
    Script Name : fax
           URL  : http://luann/fax.vxml
           Type : Service
           State: Registered
           Life : Configured
           Exec Instances: 0

    Script Code Begin:
    VXML Application fax
        Security Level: not trusted
                0 incoming calls
                0 calls handed off to it
                0 call transfers initiated
                0 pages loaded,  0 successful
                0 prompt play attempts, 0 successful
                0 recorded messages

    The VXML Script is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <vxml version="2.0">
                            cisco-mailtoaddress="session.telephone.dnis+'_'+session.telephone.ani" cisco-longpound="true"
                            cisco-destplan="1" />

    Subject: RE: T37 onRamp on CUBE ?
    Replied by: YAW-MING CHEN on 13-11-2009 06:58:12 PM
    T37 fax only works on TDM gateway. The input needs to come from T30 TDM interface. Don't think will work if the input is T38.



    Subject: RE: T37 onRamp on CUBE ?
    Replied by: Travis May on 14-11-2009 05:41:03 PM
    Can it DETECT fax without using DSP/TDM ?
    If so, can I SIP redirect the incoming leg to a TDM loop?
    Also, you say "Don't think will work",  do you KNOW it won't work?

    Subject: RE: T37 onRamp on CUBE ?
    Replied by: YAW-MING CHEN on 15-11-2009 03:12:42 AM
    DSP is needed for fax tone.

    Subject: RE: T37 onRamp on CUBE ?
    Replied by: Travis May on 25-11-2009 02:36:31 AM
    Right, let me ask again.

    Is it possible to accept a T38 fax with DSP and without TDM card?

    If not, can I detect the T38 fax on non-TDM IPIPGW and if fax detected, then redirect the incoming SIP leg to a fax server ?
    If none of the above will work, can you please point me in the right direction using IPIPGW with some calls needing fax detection?

    Subject: RE: T37 onRamp on CUBE ?
    Replied by: Yawming Chen on 25-11-2009 04:14:52 PM
    My answer is yes, but I think you should consult your Cisco SE or account manager for exactly what you need to support your application.
    There are couple documents:
    <h3 class="r">http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/12_3/vvf_c/cisco_ios_fax_services_over_ip_application_guide/fxappdoc.html</h3>
    <h3 class="r">http://www.ciscosystems.co.nz/en/US/docs/ios/voice/fax/configuration/guide/vf_mon_mdm_callst_ps6441_TSD_Products_Configuration_Guide_Chapter.html</h3>
    There is a T.38 fax dection script on Cisco CCO site you can download too