Japanese: XML: 7940 & 7960: Character Enoding

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    Created by: Brian Lavallee on 06-11-2009 06:17:27 AM
    While I have solved my Japanese issue with the newer phones (<a>http://tinyurl.com/ipps-ja-xml</a>), I am having a hard time making it work on erlier models.

    Can anyone tell me what charset I should be using with older phones?

    More imporatly, what is the "default encoding of the phone's current user locale" when a 7940 is set to Japanese?

    I have tried utf-8, shift-jis, euc-jp, and iso-2022-jp with no luck.  It all shows up garbled, even with xml headers.

    am trying to get it to work with a 7940 running the latest firmware
    [8.1(2.0] and I do understand that I am limited to katakana
    charachters, because of the display resolution.

    Subject: RE: Japanese: XML: 7940 & 7960: Character Enoding
    Replied by: Anitha V on 10-02-2010 09:29:21 AM
    Hi Brian,
    iso-2022-jp is the right one.
    It might be due to version mismatch between CCM and Locale instaler. Are you facing this issue now also?