Multiple actions with a CiscoIPPhoneText softkey?

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    Created by: Sanjay Mehta on 04-11-2009 05:54:31 PM
    Does anyone know if
    a softkey programmed on the Cisco phone can be setup to perform 2 or more
    Our requirement is
    to perform
    a http-post of a IPPhoneText object to a cisco phone that displays a softkey,
    which is associated with 2 actions -
        i. perform a
    http connection to the URL passed in when the soft key is pressed
        ii. dial the
    extention number passed in.
    So my XML object
    that I post looks as follows -
    <Title>Some Title</Title>
    <Name>Take Action</Name>
    In my testing
    however it appears that the phone only issues the 2nd URL element and not both.
    Is there a way the phone can be configured to do both?
    One possible hack is
    to use the CiscoIPPhoneExecute object to acheive the desired result
    i.e. I
    could have just the http URL action associated with the soft key. When a user
    would press this softkey, our application listening for http requests for the
    phone would get notified of it and we could push down a CiscoIPPhoneExecute
    object that issues the Dial. I was wondering if the phone itself could however
    be configured to take multiple actions on just the IPPhoneText
    Thank you in

    Subject: RE: Multiple actions with a CiscoIPPhoneText softkey?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 04-11-2009 07:45:08 PM
    I think you have a correct understanding of the situation.  There is no trick available to get a softkey to perform two URI actions.

    Subject: RE: Multiple actions with a CiscoIPPhoneText softkey?
    Replied by: Sanjay Mehta on 04-11-2009 09:14:27 PM
    Thank you for your response. I was reading the IpPhone xsi development guide and it appears that one can setup the phone to  define separate actions to be taken when the softkey is pressed and released.
    <Name>Displayed sofkey label</Name>
    <URL>URL or URI action for softkey RELEASE event</URL>
    <URLDown>URL or URI action for softkey PRESS event</URLDown>
    <Position>position of softkey</Position>
    Has anyone had any experience with this?
    I tried the following on a 7925 wireless phone but did not see the http request come in.

    Subject: RE: Multiple actions with a CiscoIPPhoneText softkey?
    Replied by: David Staudt on 04-11-2009 10:20:01 PM
    This is a good thought, but what I think happens is that when the softkey goes down, the Dial: URI is processed and the XML services pane goes away (to show the call plane.)  This prevents the softkey up from ever being processed.
    If you are using a recent-model phone that supports the '8.3.2 enhancements', there is an extension to the Dial: URI which lets the XML app retain focus.  See the 'Enhanced Dial URI API Specification.doc'
    The sequence of DTMF digits to be dialed. Commas represent 1 second
    minLength=0, no maxLength, can only contain 0123456789#*ABCD,
    Specifies whether or not this application will be used as the user
    interface for this call. A value of true will cause the application
    to keep UI focus when the call is made instead of switching to the
    Call UI application. The appId must be specified or this param will
    have no effect ¿ it will always be false.
    0 or 1 (0=false 1=true)
    The unique name of the XSI web application requesting this call
    minLength=1, no maxLength, cannot contain semicolons ¿ should be in
    the format Company/Product.
    Nill which means this dial request will not be associated with any
    Example: Dial:4000:1:MyCustom/App

    Subject: RE: Multiple actions with a CiscoIPPhoneText softkey?
    Replied by: Stephan Steiner on 05-11-2009 11:41:44 PM
    My understanding is that with ondown you can only do non interactive stuff - so RTP is okay, the notify urls probably, too. But you cannot make anything that triggers an immediate return value (pushing buttons, calling webpages, that kind of stuff).