Migrating from UCCX to UCCE

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Created by: ilayaraja Manoharan on 03-11-2009 01:45:53 PM
I have a Unified Contact Center Enterprise 7.2 environment in which a contact center, say A, is running.
I also have one more contact center, say B, which is currently running in Unified Contact Center Express 5.0 environment.
I want to migrate the contact center B running in the UCCX environment into the UCCE environment where the contact center A is running.
I want both the contact centers to run under the same UCCE environment after the migration.
I also want to retain and/or migrate the historical data in the UCCX system for reporting purpose even after the migration.
Is there a tool/methodology/document available for the migration?
Can anyone please explain me the high-level steps involved in the migration process? And also please let me know the possible challenges that I will face while doing the migration.
I have also mentioned below some specific questions based on my understanding of the UCCX and UCCE system. Please help me in getting these doubts clarified.
 1. How are the skills and Customer Service Queues defined in the UCCX system mapped to UCCE environment?
 2. Do I need to rewrite/modify the IVR scripts written for the UCCX system? If the Select Resource Step (which transfers the call to a CSQ) is used in the IVR script, will it be valid even after migration? If no, how do we recertify it? Do I need to develop any new ICM scripts?
3. How do I move the agents (Resources in UCCX) from UCCX system to UCCE system?
4. How to migrate the historical data in the UCCX system to UCCE system without any conflict? Is there any tool/documentation available for this migration process?
Please help me in getting the details as soon as possible.
Thanks and regards,
Ilayaraja M