Feb 26, CKN TechAdvantage Webinar - Autonomic Networking Infrastructure: Simplifying Service Provider Access Deployments

Version 12

    Join us for the next Cisco Knowledge Network (CKN) TechAdvantage webinar for a closer look into the autonomic networking infrastructure (ANI) and how it simplifies service provider access deployments.


    Service providers must continue to invest in networks that can deliver real-time multimedia and business-class data applications and services. But a key concern is the significant operating expense incurred in provisioning the access infrastructure of the network itself. Autonomic networking is a fundamentally new way to set up a network. It is designed to reduce operational complexity by enabling the network to be largely self-managing. To simplify deployment and operations, the autonomic networking infrastructure ANI provides a generic set of services.


    Service providers can use ANI to provision their access network in a highly secure fashion, without the need to configure devices or connect DHCP/DNS servers during bring-up. ANI also provides the ability to gain remote connectivity in a matter of minutes, independent of the topology.Join us for an in-depth look into the current implementation of ANI, with a focus on how autonomic networking ties together zero-touch provisioning, security, and a distribution infrastructure to make life easier for service providers.

    • ANI 101: Understanding the Cisco Autonomic Networking Infrastructure
    • Relevance in the service provider domain
    • Looking ahead
    • Demonstration
    • Q&A


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