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    when will CUCM 10.X and 10.X UCCX be released and will be changes on new features.

    Hi Jesper, Cisco Unified Communications Manager release 10.0 was just announced today.  You can find the just-posted data sheet (with features and highlights) posted here:




    Thanks for the reply, I think there is missing some features in the data sheets.

    What about Uri dialing (SIP name to call towards LYNC) queue on hunting groups, and other features Cisco told about on Cisco Live 2013.



    URI DIALING is available even with CUCM 9. Jabber will support it in November with 9.6


    Queuing on hunt groups..if you are referring to native Call queuing then that’s available with cucm 9 too




    thanks for the answer, sessions at Cisco Live 2013 was both about 9.X and 10.X, I must have mixed it together.


    / Jesper

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