Powershell: Auto-Update UCS Firmware Packages/Drivers to Multiple UCS Domains

Version 5

    If you rquire advanced support with scripting and orchestration, look into hiring Cisco Advanced Services (Consulting).  Cisco AS has staff that can train, guide and execute the deployment of advanced solutions with multiple development tools and methodologies.


    The following script will download firmware packages and then upload them to UCSM (Multiple instances if necessary).

    The script will also download the latest drivers ISO's for UCS B-Series and C-Series Servers.


    11/7 - Added local bootflash storage check to assure the image can be uploaded without error.


    See the Below Help file for instructions.



    Get and Send Firmware Packages to UCS



    Downloads firmware packages from support.cisco.com and uploads images to UCSM



    IP Address or comma separated set if IP Addresses of the UCSM instance/s. If an IP is entered here the UCSM .csv list will be ignored.


    .PARAMETER GetLatest

    Get the latest version of UCSM Firmware



    Full path to a .csv formatted list of UCSM IP's to interact with. Must be 2 rows with a "UCSM" header in row 1, and a "IP" header in row 2.



    Target version you want to deploy. Valid formats are x.x.xx or x.x(xx). Example 2.0.2q | 2.0(2q).



    Directory you want the images downloaded too. Defaults to "C:\UCSMImages"

    If the directory does not exist, it will be created.


    .PARAMETER Drivers

    Include Drivers .iso's (Always Latest)


    .PARAMETER IncludeCSeries

    Include C-Series server package. (By default C-Series packages will not be downloaded)



    Update-UcsFirmwarePackages -UCSIP ",," -GetLatest -Drivers



    Update-UcsFirmwarePackages -UCSIP ",," -version "2.0(2Q)"



    Update-UcsFirmwarePackages -UCSCSV "C:\zInput\ucsmList.csv" -version "2.0(2q)"



    Update-UcsFirmwarePackages -UCSCSV "C:\zInput\ucsmList.csv" -version "2.0(2q)" -OUTPUTDIR \\MyComputer\MyUcsImages



    Update-UcsFirmwarePackages -UCSCSV "C:\zInput\ucsmList.csv" -version "2.0(2q)" -IncludeCSeries



    Author: Chris Shockey, Architect, Cisco Advanced Services

    Email: chris.shockey@cisco.com

    Version: 1_0