**Deprecated - Cisco UCS Manager Python SDK (BETA version 0.8.3) - Deprecated**

Version 14

    This version of the UCS Manager Python SDK is **Deprecated**

    Please use this version - Cisco UCS Python SDK - ucsmsdk


    Cisco UCS Manager Python SDK (BETA version 0.8.3) is available for download.


    Cisco UCS Manager Python SDK is a python module which helps automate all aspects of Cisco UCS management including server, network, storage and hypervisor management. The bulk of the Cisco UCS Python SDK work on the UCS Manager’s Management Information Tree (MIT), performing create, modify or delete actions on the Managed Objects (MO) in the tree. The next chapter provides an overview of the Cisco UCS Management Information Model (MIM).  One of the easiest ways to learn UCS configuration through UCS Python SDK is to automatically generate python script, for configuration actions performed with the UCSM GUI, using ConvertToPython API.


    Cisco UCS Manager Python SDK release 0.8.3 is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0


    What's new in version 0.8.3?

    • Embedded dynamic import support to enhance memory utilization.
    • XmlParser changed to cElementTree to improve performance.
    • Modified URI method to verify correct port.
    • Modified Login API to decide connection protocol (via http or https) based on both port and noSsl flag
    • Fixed StartGuiSession for jnlpfile variable error and added support to launch GUI in debug mode for java version > 1.7.45
    • Fixed GetJavaInstallation method to display JAVA_HOME path in case of an exception.
    • Modified WatchUcsGui in order to support multiline query via ConvertToPython API


    **Note for users who has scripts developed using SDK 0.8.2 or earlier release**

    Due to dynamic import support in release 0.8.3, scripts written using earlier versions of SDK need to be modified to make it work with this latest release 0.8.3. Please refer to section 3.6.1 in Cisco UCS SDK release 0.8.3 user guide (cisco_ucs_python_sdk_rel_0.8.3.pdf) for details.


    What's new in version 0.8.2?

    • Refreshed with UCSM Schema 2.2(2c)
    • Removed keys() function while iterating dictionary to improve execution speed.
    • Fixed "AttributeError", which happens when configuring an unknown MO.


    For any queries/feedback on the Python SDK, please add a discussion to the Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communities.