Convert to UCS Cmdlet PowerShell Script

Version 7

    This PowerShell script loads the PowerTool module if needed and then auto launches your browser to the UCSM manager and executes the convert to UCSCmdLet so you can learn how to create PowerShell code elements for UCS easily.


    The power of the ConvertTo-UcsCmdlet command is that it allows you to run it, do something in the UCSM GUI and after hitting SAVE in UCSM you can see the PowerShell command for that in your PowerShell Window.


    Change Log:

         v1.1 - Initial Post

         v1.3 - Updated to support extended logging for more convertto-ucscmdlet functionality and added countdown timer to make sure log is ready.

         v1.4 - Checks to make sure you are running a minimum of PowerShell V3

         v0.4.01 - Changed to a version 0 dot as nothing of mine is a 1 dot :-)  Added built in help.  Command line options.  Standard naming convention.

         v0.4.02 - Added support for saved credentials file

    As always, let me know if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.