UCS Available Slots PowerShell Script

Version 7

    This UCS PowerShell Script will log into multiple UCS domains and provide you information on the UCS system including the name, site and version and then go through each chassis and tell you what is plugged into each slot and if there is an open slot.  If you provide user labels and descriptions on the chassis' and blades you can get more detailed information.


    The purpose of this script is to allow someone with a large deployment to quickly find out where in their data centers they have open slots to add more blades and if the firmware on the UCS will support the new blade.


    Change Log:

         v0.6 - Initial Posted Version

         v0.7 - New look and feel.  Common scripting elements.  Checks that you are running PowerShell v3 or above.

         v0.7.01 - Added built in help.  Command line options.  Standard naming convention.

         v0.7.02 - Added support for saved credentials file

         v0.7.03 - Added support for B200-M4 and B260-M4/B460-M4


    As always, let me know if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.