UCS PowerShell Framework Script

Version 8

    This UCS Powershell script is a framework I use for creating new Powershell scripts for UCS.  It does all the heavy lifting of getting logged into a UCS with error checking and then has a place where you paste your custom script code so you can easily create your own UCS PowerTool/PowerShell scripts.


    Change Log:

         v0.2 - Initial Posted Version

         v0.4 - Completely new engine and format.  Allows multiple UCSM logins,  Better error checking

         v0.5 - Checks to see if you are running at least PowerShell v3

         v0.5.01 - Added some corrected logic for multi-domain logins.  Added some feedback information about PowerShell and PowerTool versions.  Added built in help.  Command line options.  Standard naming convention.

         v0.5.02 - Added support for saved credentials file


    As always, let me know if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.