Cisco Standalone C-Series HUU Utilities

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The Cisco C-Series Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) software  delivers many new features and capabilities including enhancements to the Host Upgrade Utility (HUU). The Host Upgrade Utility enables users to update their CIMC, BIOS, LOM, RAID Controllers, PCI adapters and Cisco VIC cards from a single interface. In previous versions of HUU, an interactive menu-driven command line interface was the only option provided to update system BIOS, CIMC, adapter firmware, and LAN on Motherboard (LOM).


Enhancements to HUU include adding an interactive graphical user interface to HUU and adding non-interactive update capabilities for single-system and multiple-system updates for no touch upgrades of Cisco C-Series Server firmware. Updates can be applied using the bootable image in the HUU ISO which can be mounted via vMedia to boot host to HUU and triggered through the KVM using an interactive update interface. Other tools offering non-interactive updates include a Python update tool and a Microsoft Windows-based tool, both of which offering single-system and multi-system update capabilities.


The Host Update Utility (HUU) is a tool that helps users to update the various levels of firmware running on their system including:

  • CIMC
  • BIOS
  • LAN on Motherboard (LOM)
  • RAID Controllers
  • PCI Adapters
  • Cisco Virtual Interface Cards (VIC)


For more information on using the Interactive Utility or the Python Non-Interactive Utility, check out the Getting Started with HUU Guide available here.


Links to Getting Started Videos:

In this video we will use the native utility to update a single system using vKVM attached media and the new HUU Graphical User Interface to update a single system.


In this video we will use the Python Tool to update a single system by passing configuration flags and options through the CLI to a remote target. This is the recommended update process for a one-time update to a single system.


In this video we will use the Python Tool to update a group of systems using a configuration file. We will walk through the encryption setup process for the target CIMC as well as the remote share and how to reference these encrypted files in an update script. This is the recommended update process for updating multiple systems concurrently.


Download the Utilities: