Data Center Architectures and Virtual Private Data Centers with UCS (Cisco Live 2013 Orlando)

Version 1

    Programmatic infrastructure is key to infrastructure automation in any data center.  In this recorded session Chris Dunk and I walk you through the aspects of a Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) highlighting the robustness of the UCS API and how it can enable you to be a data center rock star.


    The agenda of this session includes:

    • What Constitutes Virtual Private Data Centers
    • Architectural Needs for X as a Service
    • UCS Technologies Supporting VPDC
    • Compute Services and Security with UCS
    • Demo of UCS PowerTool
    • Data Networking and Security with UCS
    • Storage Networking and Security with UCS
    • UCS Programmatic Infrastructure for Cloud Examples
    • Demo of UCS Director (Cloupia)


    Click here to view the session details and recording of the presentation.  The live demos are also included in the recording.



    Chris Atkinson