Cisco TechAdvantage Webinar: Securing the Access Layer for BYOD

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    Join us for the next Cisco TechAdvantage Webinar, a 90 minute technical discussion on Identity Security Policy.


    Since its invention over a decade ago IEEE802.1X has gone through three major revisions. Not only has the standard itself evolved, the supporting technologies complementing 802.1X have made significant progress. While initially more like 'bolted-on' solutions, technologies like MAC Authentication Bypass, Web Authentication, integration of Voice devices or making the overall solution failure-resistant have significantly enhanced Cisco's identity based networking solution.


    With the introduction of the Identity Security Policy, Cisco has revamped these technologies into a consistent policy framework tightly interlocked with the AAA/RADIUS server back end. During this webinar we will explain the historical context, the policy model itself and give some practical policy examples including a short demonstration of the technology.



    • Introduction
    • Policy Explained
    • Use Cases
    • Demonstration



    Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Time: 8am Pacific Time

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    Download the slides in PDF format below or from Slideshare.


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