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    How do I get access to the Jabber clients and the CUP server downloads on cisco.com?


    We have an approved order that has shipped, have our pak for licensing, and have a package that is coming our way, but I can't access the CUP downloads.  Entitlement support just says that I don't have the appropriate service contracts for the files I am looking to download.  I do have current support on our Call Manager, which from my reading, is all that I need to have.


    Does my partner need to add a new zero-dollar support item onto my contract?




    I am in same boat. I recieved my output claim without a PAK on it nor do I see the sop download.


    My Cisco SE said that this is a known problem that should be fixed soon (I don't know how soon).  He sent me the files through CCO for the OVA files, and the Jabber clients for Windows in Mac.


    My CD media should be delivered via UPS tomorrow (6/26/2012).


    My Cisco SE said that this is a known problem that should be fixed soon (I don't know how soon). He sent me the files through CCO for the OVA files, and the Jabber clients for Windows in Mac.


    My CD media should be delivered via UPS tomorrow (6/26/2012).


    When R-JABBER-ADDON-K9 (e-delivery) is ordered , both the client software  and the CUP server software can be downloaded directly based on email sent to the customer .


    When JABBER-ADDON-K9 (physical delivery) is ordered, both the client software as well as the CUP server software are shipped to the customer


    Customer Advocacy & BU policy is that an ESW contract is required to gain access to maintenance and minor releases from the Software Download Center.  UCSS is required to gain (free) access to major upgrades via the PUT tool.  


    Since neither ESW nor UCSS are included in the Jabber for Everyone offer, customers who use it to purchase Jabber (physical delivery vs eDelivery is not relevant) are only entitled to the version of the software that ships to fulfill that order.  ESW and UCSS can be purchased a la carte afterward if they wish to gain access to either of those types of software upgrades although I believe there is only a 90 day window post-order to add UCSS.




    Just to be very clear, J4E doesn't need ESW/UCSS because right from the start it was mentioned that as long as CUCM has it, it would be used to cover this product. So in my mind as long as J4E is being used strictly in a IM/P capacity(basically whatever features are supported in the J4E program) then they should be entitled for major/minor upgrades. I understand moving to "full blown" Jabber would necessitate CUWL as an example




    Hi There,


    Has this one yet to be resolved. I am in the same position, we have a PAK for CUPS and the Jabber licensing. We also have an edelivery on the CUPS media but I cannot access the CUPS or Jabber downloads on CCO. We also have UCSS for UCM. I need to access the OVA and Jabber client files in order to do the install but currently cannot do so as it advises that additonal entitlement is required.


    Is this going to be fixed?




    Any update on this?


    I have the same issue, where do we download the CUP server?



    When your partner orders the free of charge Jabber for Everyone licenses they can also order either physical media for CUPS or edelivery which allows you to download.


    The problem we had was accessing the Jabber Clients as there seems to be a problem on CCO. We logged case with Cisco and they then sent me private links to download the client software.




    We ordered CUP-86-K9-SW-PAK, which I have the PAK for but not sure where I can download from.




    You should have also received an edelivery confirmation email with a link. This takes you to https://edelivery.cisco.com/esd/. You need to login with the CCO account linked to the email address to which the order was linked. You can then download the CD images.


    In our case we ordered the below, but the CUP-86-K9-SW-PAK should be the one which provides access to the edelivery media for CUPS.












    We placed an order for CUPS via the R-JABBER-ADDON-K9 and only the license shows up as available to download.  It appears that the media is NOT avialable unless we get physical delivery.  


    Is it the CUP media you are after or the Jabber Client software? There is a problem with access to the Jabber client downloads and we had to log a case with Cisco to receive a download link. If it is the CUP media when ordering CUP-SERVER8.6-K9 you should receive an edelivery download.





    Yes it is CUP we are missing (Jabber client is readily downloadable.)   We did not receive an edelivery download.  We did received an email but it links to the edelivery tool and the only itme that we can download on that page is the CUP license key, no software media.




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