Enhancing Application Performance with PfR Webinar

Version 6

    Join us for the next Cisco TechAdvantage Webinar, a 2-hour technical discussion on enhancing application performance with Cisco Performance Routing (PfR).


    This webinar explains PfR technology as well as the latest enhancements and includes real case studies. PfR allows network administrators to minimize bandwidth costs, enable intelligent load distribution, improve application performance, and deploy dynamic failure detection at the WAN access edge. Whereas other routing mechanisms can provide both load sharing and failure mitigation, Cisco IOS PfR makes real-time routing adjustments based on criteria other than static routing metrics such as response time, packet loss, jitter, path availability, traffic load distribution, and cost minimization. This session is for anyone who wants to understand and deploy Cisco IOS Performance Routing.



    Date: January 9, 2013

    Time: 8am Pacific Time

    Replay: WebEx recording and slides are attached. Slides can also be downloaded from Slideshare.


    Send any questions to ask_techadvantage@cisco.com. For more information on upcoming Cisco TechAdvantage Webinars, go to: http://www.cisco.com/go/iosadvantage. Follow us on Twitter @GetYourBuildOn.