Cisco Live! Day Three: Padmasree Warrior keynote and more

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    We kicked off day three of Cisco Live with an awesome keynote from our Chief Technology Officer, Padmasree Warrior. Warrior took us through Cisco's technology strategy for the future, which revolves around eight key areas: 1) cloud services, 2) mobility, 3) new network architechtures, 4) OpenX, 5) big data, 6) machine-to-machine, 7) silicon leadership, and 8) video.


    Warrior describes Cisco's Collaboration vision


    We love the enthusiastic people who come to our booth! This customer had a goal to wear something from every booth. We gave him Jabber stickers.


    Our team and others lounge in the Collaboration space


    We're looking forward to day four tomorrow! Stay tuned for a post and pictures.