Partner TAC Tips Call Content - July 2011

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    Partner Wireless TAC Tips-20110726 1505-1
    Tuesday, July 26, 2011 11:05 am New York Time
    1 Hour 4 Minutes


    Post Call Q&A with NCS Product Manager

    1. Topic: Future upgrades of NCS: Minor versions are free; Major version are not free.

      • Related Questions:
          • How often do we anticipate having a Major release of NCS?

    [SB:] about every 12 months, perhaps a little longer.

          • Does this mean that minor releases are likely to not include new features? If so, does this slow down innovation?

    [SB:] incorrect. Minor releases do include features. Patches/MRs are the ones that typically don’t have new features.


    2. If a customer has a Cisco UCS Series B chassis and running VMWare ESXi 4.x, can he run the NCS VM? If so, has it been validated and more importantly is it a "TAC supported" configuration?

    [SB:] as long as the hardware is within the specs published, yes – and we do have folks using it on UCS.