Analyst Report:  Chadwick Martin Bailey surveys 244 organizations on unified communications uses and benefits

Version 3

    Based on a survey of 244 small, medium, and large organizations in the United  States, presently using or planning to deploy Unified Communications  applications, this paper published by Chadwick, Martin, and Bailey outlines both the challenges that those applications address and the actual benefits that  current adopters experience. This paper presents very specific results that  quantify both staff-time and out-of-pocket cost savings that users have  experienced by implementing Unified Communications applications, thus giving  decision-makers a real-world reference for evaluating the technology.


    Read this report (PDF) and then share your thoughts. Are you experiencing  the same challenges?  If you are a customer, are you experiencing the same benefits?


    Also, if you are building a business case for a collaboration project or even determining if you want to go that route, this can help.



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