Requirements for Mobile Sales Force - Please Add Onto List

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    I created a template to document business requirements for mobile sales forces.


    Please add to it!  Hopefully with everyone adding to it, we will have a robust and comprehensive list that will be of use to many.  The goal is to fully populate it so you can use it as as starting point for your requirements or just to review against your own list to see if you forgot anything.


    Anyone can edit, but I put myself as the approver just to ensure we don't accidentally lose previous edits. I'll provide quick reviews.



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    P.S.  Also, what do you think of collaborating to create documents like this?  I encourage you to start other such documents as you see fit!


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    Feel free to add on sections or requirements, but please don’t delete other people’s work.  If you want to disagree with another member's entry then add a comment at to the document.  If you want to make the format prettier then please feel free.  Thanks, in advance, for your help.


    General Requirements


    Req #
    Requirement Title
    Requirement DescriptionComments


    (High, Medium, Low)

    GR01Call ForwardingAbility for office phone to forward calls to mobile phoneHigh
    Mobile CRM accessAbility to add opportunity name and contact info, manage prospect info on a smart phone.High



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