Lauren Friedman

Housekeeping and Questions

Blog Post created by Lauren Friedman on Nov 2, 2012

Hi Everyone,


Today I was messing around with the look and feel of the homepage and sub-pages on this community.  I'd like to make this community useful and fun for the users, so I'd love to know what you come her for.  Are you looking for help on figuring out some product? Are you hoping to learn about the Borderless Networks architecture? Do you have questions on BYOD, Big Data, or IPv6?


I've set up a sub-community for the Ike videos and some links to webinars.  We're trying something new, we've created a channel for Enterprise Networks in BrightTalk.  Do you use it? I've added in a link to our BrightTalk community to the right* if you'd like to check out some of the recent webinars we've done on Conquer the Cloud.





* EDITED: Apparently, embed code (HTML & Java) don't work on the blogs.  Bollocks.