IMC Supervisor Demo Videos

Blog Post created by devikuma on Oct 17, 2016

Cisco IMC Supervisor enables centralized management of Standalone C-Series Rack Servers , Storage Rack Servers and E-Series rack servers .


IMC Supervisor is a light weight virtual appliance supported in VMware Hypervisor and Microsoft Hyper-V. It provides features and capabilities in key areas such as Discovery, Inventory, Management, Maintenance, Monitoring and Support.


In this video series, we are going to see how simple and easy  it is to manage stand alone rack servers at scale using Cisco IMC Supervisor.


This video series will take you through the use case where Customer has procured a few hundred rack servers and how IMC Supervisor could enable Day 0 operations  as the servers are getting racked up and powered on , Day 1 operations  as the servers are configured and provisioned and Day 2 operations  where the servers need to be monitored and maintained.


IMC Supervisor - Day0 Operations

IMC Supervisor - Day1 Operations

IMC Supervisor - Day2 Operations