Cisco IMC Supervisor 2.1 Release Announcement

Blog Post created by karthjay on Sep 20, 2016

September 20th, 2016

Cisco is pleased to announce the release of IMC Supervisor 2.1.


Cisco IMC Supervisor is a management system that enables management of up to 1,000 Standalone C-Series and E-Series Servers.


New in the v2.1 release, IMC Supervisor delivers the following enhancements:

  • Support for UCS C3260 Storage Server
  • Enhanced Scheduler Capabilities
  • Support for Multiple Diagnostic Images
  • E-Mail Notification Enhancements (per server)
  • Enhanced CSV Import
  • Clear User option
  • Multi-KVM Launch
  • New Network Policy (Support of UCS C3260 Storage Server)
  • Updated Drive Configuration Options
  • Policy/Profile Deployment Scheduler
  • REST API Enhancements
  • Profiles & Policy Framework for UCS C3260 Storage Server


The release is now available for download on Cisco.com:


IMC Supervisor 2.1 Software Download

IMC Supervisor 2.1 Release Notes

IMC Supervisor 2.1 Installation Guide

IMC Supervisor 2.1 Management Guide




IMC Supervisor does implement license enforcement. The license structure includes a base license (per instance of IMC Supervisor) and a required secondary license tied to the number of systems under management. New in IMC Supervisor is the advanced license offering that enables policy-based configuration. Support is available and tied to the number of managed systems (endpoints). The license and support PIDs are below.