UCS Performance Manager 2.0 - New Version Released

Blog Post created by jasonsha on Dec 14, 2015

UCS Performance Manager 2.0 is now available for download


Built with technology from ZENOSS, Cisco UCS Performance Manager (UCSPM) is a Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning tool custom built for UCS Administrators.  UCSPM provides visibility into UCS Hardware, LAN/SAN Switching, Storage Arrays, Hypervisors and Server Operating Systems - all from a single console.

UCS Performance Manager 2.0 features a new underlying platform built for High Availability and Scalability. This new release will allow deployment of multiple virtual appliances that can be pooled together, with the ability to scale the UCS Performance Manager application  requirements across these pooled resources.


New Software Features include:

  • Central Authentication using LDAP
  • HTML5 User Interface
  • Scalability to 2500 UCS Servers
  • Configurable data collection interval (default = 5 minutes)
  • Northbound JSON API for integration and automation
  • Capacity forecasting (forecast and alert on future thresholds)
  • Dependency Views (pivot on a resource and identify relevant dependents/dependencies)
  • Support for UCS Central and UCS Mini


UCS Performance Manager 2.0 is a free upgrade for existing customers (UCSPM 1.1.x license files are supported in UCSPM 2.0).   Existing Performance, Modeling and Event data can be migrated from UCSPM 1.x deployments to a UCSPM 2.0 instance.


UCSPM 2.0 contains a built-in 30-day eval - Download from Cisco.com today.


For all related downloads (documentation, software, etc..), see this Communities Document:   UCS Performance Manager 2.0