UCS Central 1.2(1a) - Remote Management and Integration Improvements

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UCS Central 1.2(1a) - Remote Management and Integration Improvements


While we just released UCS Central 1.1(2a) in March, we are no pleased to announce the availability of UCS Central 1.2(1a). It incorporates a number of incremental improvements in the UCS Central product including better support for managing remote and branch offices, improvements to the API to make integration with 3rd party tools and XML scripts easier, as well as a number of other improvements.


First of all, UCS Central has been upgraded to better support the management of remote and branch offices. Basically, that means we test and support UCS Central when the connection to UCS Central is the equivalent of a entry level consumer grade DSL line. In addition, when used with UCS Manager 3.0(1) or later, file transfers will be done over http/https instead of via an NFS share. This will provide greater resiliency and efficiency for file transfers while reducing the number of required open firewall ports.


UCS Manager 3.0(1) is a platform specific release that supports only the new 6324 Fabric Interconnect. For customers with both standard 6100 or 6200 series Fabric Interconnects as well as the new 6324 Fabric Interconnect, UCS Central supports multiple versions of UCS Manager. This allows customers to easily set up and manage UCS systems in the data center as well as a remote office/branch office with the same tools, policies, and templates.


Prior to UCS Central 1.2, scripting and API calls to UCS Central required an in-depth knowledge of the architecture. This meant that anyone who wanted to create API calls or integrate 3rd party products with UCS Central needed in-depth knowledge. With UCS Central 1.2, there is now a single Virtual Management Information Tree (vMIT) that can accept any API calls and automatically route the request to the proper location. This will drastically simplify the API as well as make it easier for 3rd party products to integrate directly with UCS Central.


There are also a number of operational and feature enhancements. These include a unified KVM launch manager which will allow users to select any valid KVM ID for launching (ex. IPv4, IPv6, Inband). UCS Central 1.2 also supports Precision Boot Order Control, configuring Fabric Interconnect Server and Ethernet Uplink ports, and running Estimate Impact when a UCS Manager domain comes out of standby mode. Finally, the UCS Central user interface has been modified to show not just UCS Manager faults in the fault panel, but also rotate the panel to show UCS Central faults and Pending Activities.


UCS Central is available for download from today. For new installations, it is easiest to download the UCS Central .OVA file. For existing UCS Central customers, the upgrade is very straightforward:

  • Download the UCS Central .ISO instance.
  • Reboot the UCS Central virtual machine and boot from the .ISO image.
  • Select Upgrade existing UCS Central installation.
  • Reboot the UCS Central virtual machine.

The whole process usually takes less than 5 minutes after the download has completed.


This release of UCS Central 1.2 has a number of platform support and feature enhancements. Your feedback, comments, and new feature requests would also be greatly appreciated.


Jacob Van Ewyk

UCS Management product manager


Note:  This was posted by Eric Williams on behalf of Jacob Van Ewyk