Introducing Cisco IMC 2.0 for UCS C-Series

Blog Post created by jmacinni on Jun 3, 2014

Cisco is pleased to announce Cisco IMC 2.0 is now available. 


Over the last five years I have witnessed impressive evolution of the management controller for C-Series. Cisco IMC has evolved from a basic white box baseboard management controller to the world’s state of the art integrated management controller. Whether integrated into the UCS architecture or operated in a ‘standalone’ environment, Cisco IMC 2.0 is second to none.


Cisco has taken an integrated ‘no host agent’ approach to the UCS C-Series management with the Cisco IMC.  Advanced feature sets are integrated into the hardware eliminating the need to manage host agent software or complex licensing. 


New Features in Cisco IMC 2.0


Security and Network Enhancements: